George Clarke's Council House Scandal

We are in a housing crisis.

We desperately need to build a new generation of council housing we can all be proud of.

George Clarke

The Council House Scandal

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the creation of council housing. But instead of being able to proudly celebrate its success we are sadly, firmly in the midst of a housing crisis.

Our country has not been building enough new council houses to meet demand. And since the 1980s, millions of council houses have been sold off through the Right to Buy without being replaced.

The result – more than 1 million people are on council house waiting lists today.

  • Our country desperately needs new council houses to be built – and built in great numbers.
  • Our country needs council houses built to better standards – so our housing stock will better stand the test of time.
  • As a nation we all need to care about our council housing system – by breaking down stigma and rebuilding pride in our council housing communities.

So on the 100th anniversary of council housing, I’m calling out for your support. Please sign my petition calling for 100,000 new council houses to be built every year for the next 30 years. logo
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Have your say

Filming my new show George Clarke’s Council House Scandal, I’ve spoken to people right across the country about their lives on council estates. Now I want to hear from you.

Have you ever lived in council housing? I want to know what you think is good and not so good about where you live, and what changes you would like to see the Government make.

What are the worst examples of council housing design?

What good examples can we use to build on for the next 100 years?

Send me your thoughts – either as comments, pictures, or better still as a video. Use the hashtag #CouncilHouse100:

Alternatively, send a message using the form below:

Please send us comments, images or videos about your personal experiences of council housing. All files submitted must be smaller than 50MB and videos will only be accepted in MP4 format. All submissions will be moderated prior to publication and we reserve the right to select from these contributions.

What is most important to you about where you live?

Sense of community
Good quality housing
Open spaces and greenery
Location and transport
None of these

On the basis that the current Right to Buy policy does not replace anywhere near the number of council homes sold under the scheme, leaving a shortfall of affordable homes, do you think that Right to Buy should be:

Suspended with a review
Kept as it is

What you're saying

Photograph of a man in front of a community green space
Green spaces can really bring a community together!
“Without the affordable rent on the house, that we still live in today, my wife, our two young boys and I would have really struggled to put a roof over our heads.”
Martin, Wimbledon
Photograph of a sign that reads "We (heart) MCR"
Local pride on display at a North Manchester council estate
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“More needs to be done for future generations - an increase in standards to reduce the prejudice and stigma of being brought up on a council estate.”
Kim, Washington

My Story

George Clarke photo montage

I’m proud to have been raised on a thriving council estate in the 1970s. I love going back to visit my Mam and Dad, who are lucky enough to have the security of a wonderful and affordable home.

My neighbourhood was a fantastic place to grow up and everyone was proud of their council-owned homes. This country’s obsession with home ownership in the last 40 years has created real stigma around rented council housing – and it breaks my heart.

100 years ago, the birth of council housing brought affordability, security, and better living standards to millions of people across the UK. I want this country to remember the true value of council housing and restore it to a place of pride.

That’s why I’m calling on the Government for 100,000 new and better council houses to be built every year for the next 30 years.

It’s time for the Government to tackle our Council House Scandal – and I need your help to make it happen.